Strolling through the Luberon.

Fortunately, most of us have now been freed from harsh quarantine and borders with alluring destinations such as Italy, France and other countries are open again. Thinking back about the quarantine you feel it forces you to deal with your business in other ways, and it is nice to discover that other small businesses are also busy compensating for their lost sales. That's how I came across Nølson shirts. Just like with selling fragrances, you would think that selling a shirt digitally would not be easy either. But this company - - succeeds very well in selling their predominantly slim fit shirts online. During the quarantine, we provided their products with our scented pads, which enabled us to realize a new group of interested parties.

From a young age, I have had a fascination for scents.

From a young age, I have had a fascination for scents. When I studied for a year in Florence after my final examination in the late seventies, my passion got a bit off track... At the time, I was captivated by perhaps the most beautiful perfume shop in the world, the more than 400-year-old Officina Profumo Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella.

Saint Tropez

After quite some months without travelling abroad, I was lucky enough to make a report in Saint Tropez. Last week I stayed at an extremely nice boutique hotel, only 5 minutes walking distance from the village centre. Villa Cozy has 23 rooms, adjacent to vineyards and has an extremely high and friendly service standard.

A wise man knows cologne is the most powerful weapon in the fight for female attention

These uncertain times will probably not be dominated by new purchases of glamorous things in the world of fashion, lifestyle and new perfumes. But sometimes scents can also help to cheer you up. A perfume can bring your thoughts back to carefree moments and evoke pleasant memories.

New fragrant launches

Last time I bombarded you with my new scented disinfectant: YVRA 2020 L’Essence des Désinfectants. This handy and alluring smelling disinfectant spray has found its way to many hands. This time I would like to bring to your attention to another new arrival: YVRA 1958 L’Essence de Résidence.

Meeting with celebrity designer Philipp Plein

Last week I had an interview with the celebrity fashion designer Philipp Plein. He was in Amsterdam for the launch of his new fragrance No Limit$. I overwhelmed him with my new  YVRA 1965. He loved the quality of the scent and was obviously jealous of our packaging. 

From Russia with Love

The world of niche perfumes is a battlefield where new brands constantly fight each other. It may sound a bit dramatic, but it also has something challenging. You have to be very motivated to get your fragrances under international attention. In my opinion, it is very important to make visits where your perfumes are sold. To my great pleasure, the YVRA fragrances are increasingly sold abroad: the US, Spain, Germany, Qatar, South Africa and they are also sold in 6 niche boutiques in Moscow!

The Women of Porfirio Rubirosa

But it was Rubi’s success with the fair sex that made him a legend. He was widely seen to be in the same class as Don Juan and Casanova. His conquests included Eva Perón, Ava Gardner, Jayne Mansfield, Veronica Lake, and Dolores Del Rio; the full tally, though, will never be known…

The Legend of Rubirosa

During the fifties of the last century Porfirio Rubirosa was the ultimate man’s man, with his polo, Ferraris, and macho jet set adventures. But what made the Latin diplomat truly unforgettable were his women - an endless parade including Marilyn Monroe, Barbara Hutton and Ava Gardner.