From Grand Tour To Terschelling

In my previous posts, I wrote about my Grand Tour through Switzerland. My last leg passed Gstaad, where I stayed in the historic Palace Hotel.
I met spokesman Stefan Ludwig, who told me about all the celebrities who had a connection with the hotel. Richard Burton and Liz Taylor were frequent guests, and the entrance door once featured in a Pink Panther movie starring Peter Sellers.

Most prominent, however, was the presence of James Bond in the guise of Roger Moore. The Palace bar was the ideal meeting place for him. For a long time, Roger Moore lived in Gstaad and very often he met in the bar and brought his friends here. You can still feel that cinematic history of the hotel, thanks to a nice selection of photos that hang there.


At the Palace, which has been in family hands for generations, they love to beckon bygone atmospheres anyway. For example, hotel owner Andrea Scherz is organizing again the Gstaad Palace Challenge this year: ‘The most exclusive vintage vehicle rally in Switzerland.’ After returning home, I immediately sent the YVRA perfumed windshield wiper fluid to him, especially for vintage open cars, this product remains a must.

After my tour it was time to focus on YVRA again. At the moment we are busy releasing our fragrances in a slightly lighter summer version that we will also produce in the smaller size of 50 ml. With the YVRA Eau Fraîche we offer an affordable alternative that is ideal for traveling and will soon be available. To determine which of the three YVRA fragrances you like the most, our sample set also remains the ideal choice. Find more about it here.

After all the wanderings now back in my own country where I have settled in a beautifully situated dune house on Terschelling. Despite the high season, you feel like a kind of Robinson Crusoe here, especially in the evening, because the beaches are completely deserted at the end of the day and beautiful sunsets and stars are waiting for you.


Keep you all posted and don’t forget to try out our Discovery Set.

Yvo van Regteren Altena

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