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YVRA 1958

L'Essence de Distance

L'Essence de Distance

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YVRA 1500 L'Essence de Distance is a fragrance so overpowering, so intense and concentrated that after you spray it on you feel almost unapproachable. The surprising top notes are so thrilling that for a few seconds people around you will respect the 1500mm distance.

A spicy woody scent that immediately tickles the nose. There is a strong presence of Osmanthus, an extremely powerful smelling plant that originates from the Himalayas. To calm down the power YVRA 1500 opens with a mix of bitter orange, mint and the transparent freshness of beech wood.

Our precious mix makes l'Essence de Distance an irresistible and even addictive fragrance that people will remember for a long time.

Available in Full Bottle 100ml or 2x8ml with our Travel set. 
The Travel Set includes 2x8ml, in a handy compact size and case to hold the vial

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