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YVRA 1958



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YVRA 65 L’Essence de Flamboyance in honour of Porfirio Rubirosa, is a seductive fragrance dedicated to the most famous playboy of the 20th century.

Rubirosa was a jet-set pioneer, charmer, race car driver and talented polo player. He was widely seen to be in the same class as Don Juan and Casanova, and was married to the two richest women in the world.

Fragrance family: woody, spicy, aromatic.

High-quality ingredients refer to Rubirosa's extremely turbulent life. Rich in patchouli, one of Rubirosa's favourite fragrances, and pink pepper in reference to his nickname: the pepper mill. This sexy and seductive formula is topped off with leather as a hint to Rubirosa's life as a legendary polo player. Other ingredients in this original formula are cedarwood, labdanum and saffron.

Top notes
Pink pepper • Saffron • Nutmeg
Middle notes
Leather • Incense • Labdanum
Base notes
Patchouli • Cedar • Amber

Available in Full Bottle 100ml, smaller 50ML bottle or 2x8ml with our Travel set. 

The Travel Set includes 2x8ml, in a handy compact size and case to hold the vial

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