l’essence de présence YVRA 1958


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L’Essence de Présence shares its predecessor’s originality and elegance,

with the addition of a warmer, more potent, mysterious undertone.

L’Essence de Présence elicits the balanced, elegant mood typical of classic European perfumes,

but with a unique, personal twist. L’Essence de Présence features a number of

Altena’s favourite ingredients such as bergamot, cedarwood and vetiver.

Also enriching the formula is a line-up of earthier components like patchouli and

the exotic guaiac wood, also known in Paraguay as palo santo, or sacred wood.

In a world in which new niche scents are launched every week, Altena’s greatest

challenge was to uncover a formula that balances effervescence with a comfortable complexity.

In short, rather than create yet another iteration on the theme of the classic scents,

he strove to craft a fragrance unlike any other.