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L'Essence de L'Essence
Maarten Poelmans

Fantastic smell !!!

L'Essence de L'Explorance
Cristina Herrero Gonzalez

L'Essence de L'Explorance

YVRA Discovery Set (All 4 Scents)
Miguel Ángel Rodriguez Sánchez

Excelentes perfumes.
Me ha gustado la 1965, tiene un olor increíble no aptos para todos.
La 1991 es uno de los mejores cítricos que he tenido.

True to form

I love the thinking behind it. It is the reason why I bought it. It certainly has a unique character. For me, it comes across as a blending of an astringent scent and a chest cold rub. The projection was only moderate for me. It was certainly long lasting.

El mejor perfume cítrico

El aroma es masculino cítrico pero sorprendente y agradable,lleno de vitalidad para el día a día.

L'Essence de Flamboyance
Fedor Herceg Terzic

L'Essence de Flamboyance

L'Essence de Présence
Jeroen Franken

L'Essence de Présence

L'Essence de L'Essence
Bernd Brackman
YVRA 1958


YVRA Discovery Set (All 4 Scents)

very very good

maybe the best I ever had

very very good

my car loves it


All ok!

Something special!!

It’s fresh and something different than ‘regular’ perfumes.
The quality and storytelling is just fantastic!!


Super elegant en exclusieve geur mijn man was er superblij mee!


Smooth and warm scent. Love it.

Selected Scents

Not bad, quite refined.

L'Essence de L'Essence
Martin Ophuysen

I was looking for a new parfum for a few years, now I found it.

Product is overpriced

Although I really appreciate the scents, however the format is what you usually receive for free when you buy fragrances. I would not order this discovery set again, but having said this the scents are awesome.

L'Essence de L'Explorance
German Palomino

Más que excelente 😊😊😊😊👍

L'Essence de L'Explorance
Erick Eduardo Roman Avendaño Roman Avendaño

Hi, I made my payment 20 days ago and i have not received my fragrance yet, so, I can not make any comments

Too expensive

Four testers for €20 is too expensive for a -in my opinion- very bad smelling parfum.

YVRA Discovery Set (All 4 Scents)

Time Travel

Transported to a different time and place. This wonderful scent is the best yet.

great scents, one bit of a dissapointment...

I ordered this set because it’s great value AND because I wanted to learn about the new 1991-smell. For me the 1965 (blue) and the 1958 (yellow) are already perfect. The 1958 is fresh and airy for everyday use. The 1965 is one of the finest and most festive scents I know; powerful and flamboyant.
The 1991 was an enigma to me….at first smell I though I’ve found the ultimate summer smell; light and fresh, clean and uplifting. But that scent took all of 10 minutes to become unnoticable to me. The other YVRA-scents last for hours (and even longer on the 1965), but the 1991 vanished far too quickly for me. Pity. Maybe it was the ‘’batch’ (can’t imagine that), possibly it was me….

very very good

for me the smell is 1991, very good. I was familair with the collection, but this one is so f*cking good very nice. 2/3 are '58 and '79 and last but not least 1965