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L'Essence de L'Essence
bert oldewarris
Mixed feelings

Erg lekkere geur, maar het blijft helaas niet lang “hangen” helaas

A fragrance that personified flamboyance

The fragrance has a pleasant mysteriousness that captrures the mind with it’s undeniable personality.

L'Essence de Présence
Georgios Koutis

Unique and unforgettable fragrance !

L'Essence de Distance
Maarten van Schalkwijk
Nice, but

It takes quite some time to develop

Perfect perfume

I love it, my new favourite scent as of now! I get lots of compliments about it.

L'Essence de Flamboyance
Alexandre Torra
I love this fragance

The main thing in a fragrance is that you yourself like the scent and I certainly love this one. I find it elegant, particular and original. No one smells the same as you.

YVRA 1991 with Black Travelteq Briefcase

Verassend en vernieuwend

Echt eens iets anders. Kan iedereen de sample set aanbevelen

YVRA Discovery Set (5 samples)


The perfect combination of ingredients.

YVRA Discovery Set (3 samples)

YVRA Discovery Set (5 samples)
Barry van Velthoven
1979 still my favorite!

I had the 1958 and the 1979 before but I was curious about all the other scents of the YVRA family. I came to the conclusion: 1979 still my all time favorite! Also YVRA 1979 stays head and shoulders above all the other brands I had through the years.

Just perfect!

I was looking for something exceptional,,, and I found it!

Alles klopt

Van de combinatie tussen tas en geur tot de details van de verpakking en de attentheid van de medewerkers: alles klopt.

Scent from afar…

An interesting gathering of sample scents offering distinctive and very individual personal fragrances for men.
I was impressed with the express service, for which a somewhat exorbitant fee was charged, and a little disappointed with the size of the samples, but the fragrances made up for it.
I will be looking for the ‘1979’ in australia for my daily use; my usual choices of D & G, Chanel, and CK do not compare.

YVRA Discovery Set (5 samples)
Eric Van de Luijtgaarden
Nice scents

Good sample set, quit small unfortunately

Full Discovery Set 5x2.6ml

Excellent and unique fragrances.
My favorites are YVRA1979 L'essence de presence and the best YVRA1965 L'essence de flamboyance.
Thank you.

heerlijke geur

What more is there to say?:Heerlijke geur

go with the flow

Ha, ha, ha...that you already filled in the expected opinion, very childish not fitting with your built-up image...

Geweldige geur voor de auto

Ik ergerde mij altijd aan de geur van normale ruitenwisser vloeistof. L’Essence de L’Automobile is de investering als je als passagier een verfijnde neus hebt!

YVRA 1958 Room Spray / Mood Booster 500ml


Verfijnde en frisse geur. Klasse.

YVRA Discovery Set (3 samples)

L'Essence de Flamboyance
Dennis Hitijahubessy
L'Essence de Flamboyance Yvra 1965

Deze zit in mijn top 3:
Antaeus Chanel
Eros eau de parfum Versace
Yvra 1965 L'Essence de Flamboyance

YVRA Gift Box 3x8ml
Richard Lemmens