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The only downside of the perfume is that it is a limited edition. Hopefully YVRA’ll add the perfume to their standard collection. 🙂

Stuff that dreams are made of

Beautiful perfume. Is there a 100 ml bottle?

To choose

Great way to identify the fragrance that suits me best!

L'Essence de Présence 100ml

YVRA Discovery Set (All 3 Scents) 3x2ml

Like an Irish summer.

Starts with all the promise of great things to come but fades to soon. Gezelligheid.
YVRA 1500 L'ESSENCE DE DISTANCE stays with you and before it leaves you it reminds you to embrace again to enjoy what you were taking for granted. Happyness.

Nice fragrance

I like the subtile smell, rich and long lasting effects.

a remarkable fragrance

Nice to have an option to try out some new fragrances. The new option is intriguing and long lasting.

Smell 3 times

Strong masculine scents that women love.
Economical in use.
Personally, I like L'essence de presence best.

A great way to explore some fine scents!

I’m one of these guys who usually spend much money on perfumes, but this offer seemed a nice way to get to know the three scents. There’s enough to try them out of the course of a few weeks and live with them... I have to say; they all have their qualities and characteristics. 1958 is summery and fresh, 1979 a bit more ‘woody’ and subdued and rounded. 1965 is my favorite at the moment; strong, interesting and mysterious. I guess I will order them all in due time. 😊

L'Essence de L'Essence 100ml

Unfortunately YVRA 1500 didn't "work" on my skin to satisfy me. So I gave it to a friend of mine and I´m nearly envious about the luxurious smell he spreads.
My personal favorites are YVRA 1979, followed by YVRA 1958 and YVRA 1965.

YVRA 1500 l'Essence de Distance 8ml

Good choice!

I love these fragrances, they are pleasant, longlasting, strong but not heavy ...

Testing samples ...

Best 10 euros i could spend..i allowed me to choose a favorite,and carry a scent with me at all times.

* i would buy 3-packs of the same scent if possible.

L'Essence de Présence 100ml

Muy buenas

Muy buenas

YVRA 1958 L'Essence de L'Essence

It is a great way to discover your favorite Yvra fragrance in this way. i would also like to try out the limited edition l'essence de distance. very curious about that very special limited edition scent!


out of the normal smelly daily envoirement!

great way to get to know the perfumes!

Smells good all the 3, but my favorite is L'Essence de L'Essence: so elegant!


Fast delivery, super nice perfume

Heerlijke geur

Een heerlijke geur die prettig opgemerkt wordt.

A classy, original and safe solution in these difficult times, nice scent! Stay safe! Slagerij De Leeuw Amsterdam