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Heerlijke geur

Een heerlijke geur die prettig opgemerkt wordt.

A classy, original and safe solution in these difficult times, nice scent! Stay safe! Slagerij De Leeuw Amsterdam

Classy, original, so nice!

Very, very nice scent, classy, original, powerful... we love it - just like your other fragrances, we are a huge fan! Monique & Arno Veenhof

Best scent ever!

Best scent ever!

Refreshingly original!

I was very pleased with Yvo's bold, unorthodox and fun scent 'l'Essence de Distance'. It took as much balls to make as it takes to wear ;-))

L'Essence de Présence 100ml

Nice overwelming sence

Heavy, but nice

YVRA 1958 Trial Spray 8ml

YVRA 1958 Trial Spray 8ml

YVRA 1500 l'Essence de Distance from our store YVRA 1958.

Really good. Nice smell.A fragrant world.

Awesome smell

Instead of people keeping distance they come closer, asking me what perfume I wear and where to buy it. Of course I gave them your website.

YVRA 1500 l'Essence de Distance

Ilove this perfume so much good job and good luck to all your team

Old people

Two out of three were not nice. My girlfriend said ‘old barn smell’ the last one was okayish, but the smell doesn’t last for long. So overall not a succes. Old mens smells, not a scent of this century

Nice perfume

One of the most original perfumes I know

Amazing scent

In a painful time like this, it is a blessing to have YVRA around you… Just a splash of a different dimension…


Sublime suave and a new essence to the YVRA collection

Great scent

Prima geur

I love it!

I love the smell of your Flamboyance! The smell just make me happy😊

distinctive sophisticated fragrance

unique fragrance lasts for ages well worth getting have had lots of comments , and where to get it


Great product, smells amazing, good customer service to rectify my query

The best discovery at the end of this year....

At first I never imagend to buy a fragrance at this price.... But then again, it was a hard, difficult and stressing year. I really deserved this, for once in my life I presented myself this gift. And what a gift this is! It is worth every penny. At first a fresh scent with hints of lemon/citrus... After a while this scent becomes more mature in the second layer, more masculine and more robust. The third layer stays on for the rest of the day, even without noticing this by me, I really do get compliments all the time. Which brand is this? What are you wearing? Outstanding in many ways.... A great discovery at the end of this year! This gives me hope and strength for 2021, here we come!

Great fragrance

YVRA 1500 l'Essence de Distance

L, essance de distance

Disappointing fragrance with no staying power. I'm glad I didn't but a bigger bottle.