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Amsterdam boutique perfume house YVRA launches its fifth fragrance: YVRA 1991 L’Essence de L’Explorance.

With a powerful, aromatic fougère fragrance, YVRA 1991 establishes a connection with our pre-digital era. L’Essence de L’Explorance stimulates the senses with an original and invigorating scent. In line with its predecessors, YVRA 1991 is a creation that evokes sophisticated atmospheres and reveals the dandy within us.

Antidote for an online life

The year 1991 is a reference to the advent of the World Wide Web. Both the packaging and bottle are rich in references to our digital dependence. Especially in recent times, the computer and mobile phone have been the lifeline to the outside world. YVRA 1991 serves as an antidote to online life, enticing us back to the era before 1991, free from digital dependency. A time when travel and discoveries were undertaken with one's own knowledge, insight, and senses.

Scented adventure

L’Essence de L’Explorance is a powerful, aromatic, and crispy fragrance that pleases both genders. The scent is the perfect addition to the existing YVRA collection. Stronger than 1958, more transparent than 1979, and more accessible than the pronounced niche fragrances 1965 and 1500. YVRA 1991 opens boldly and fresh with bergamot, petit grain, and rosemary, transforming after approximately two hours into a rich and sultry dry down with elements such as oakmoss, cedarwood, sandalwood, and amber.

Fragrance composition

Top notes

Petitgrain-Calabrian Bergamot-Rosemary-Lemon

Heart notes


Base notes


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