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YVRA24 New identity 

Over the past decade, the YVRA brand has developed into an internationally appreciated niche brand with 5 exclusive fragrances. The arrival of our latest unisex creation YVRA24 L'Essence de Ravissence is the stepping stone to a new identity. Younger, more modern and more accessible.

Number and symbolism 

Every YVRA fragrance is characterized by a number developed into an internationally appreciated niche brand with 5 exclusive fragrances. The arrival of our latest unisex creation YVRA24 L'Essence de Ravissence is the stepping stone to a new identity. Younger, more modern and more accessible. 

Complex stories 

As a journalist you learn to tell stories. Every fragrance released by YVRA since 2016 has its own story. However, it turns out to be difficult to put these complex storylines into practice. With that in mind, we at YVRA sat down at the drawing board to streamline and simplify our message. 

New design 

We have stayed true to our successful fragrances, but the bottle and packaging have undergone a complete facelift. Timeless, uniform and innovative. On each package, a color ‘nuance’ and the image of three primary ingredients refer to the fragrance type. A new and modern logo has been chosen and ‘Amsterdam’ has been added as the sender. From now on we no longer aim primarily at men and dandies, but we broaden our horizons. Our slogan will be, Explore! There is plenty to discover. 

Introduction YVRA24 

L'Essence de Ravissence YVRA24 opens with a very present and accessible top note of pink pepper surrounded by blackcurrant and saffron. The mid and base notes incorporate papyrus, iris root, amber and vanilla, ingredients we haven't used before and place the fragrance in the woody-spicy-amber family. 

with a story attached to it. The number 24 represents balance and embracing changes. It also represents new adventures, dreams, new loves, success, positive energy and helps you to go beyond your own imagination. An ambitious vision that we are very happy to connect to YVRA24 L'Essence de Ravissence. 

Ingredients YVRA24

Top; pink pepper, blackcurrant, saffron Middle; papyrus, orris root, cardamom, cypress 

Base; sandalwood, amber, cashmere musks, vanilla Family = woody-ambery-spicy 

Affordable Niche 

To lower the threshold, we are also introducing 50 ml’s for all fragrances at € 85 and the 100 ml’s are going down to a more friendly price of € 120. The Travel Sets of € 39 will remain in the collection the packaging will also change. 

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