New fragrant launches

Last time I bombarded you with my new scented disinfectant: YVRA 2020 L’Essence des Désinfectants. This handy and alluring smelling disinfectant spray has found its way to many hands. This time I would like to bring to your attention to another new arrival: YVRA 1958 L’Essence de Résidence. 

The very heavy lockdown in many countries may have been mitigated, but in recent months we've become all the more aware that a great-smelling living environment is as essential as bread and water. Thanks to the new L’Essence de Résidence a stuffy room is transformed through a single spray into a very pleasant-smelling ambience.




L´Essence de Résidence provides a lively, aromatic, and extremely refreshing fragrance. It is composed of citrus from Calabria and pleasantly scented ingredients such as fleur d'oranger, cedar and patchouli. This convenient is powerful enough to envelop the entire space in a lovely fragrance.
And as you have come to expect from us ... we won’t like to boast. That is why we confidently wrote on our packaging: Suitable for Penthouses and Palaces up to 100,000 m2…

As pleasant as a house may smell, at some point - especially after a long lockdown where you could only go exploring from your armchair - it is almost time to put aside your travel magazines and plan to visit some new dream destinations yourself.

Kind regards,

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