Meeting with celebrity designer Philipp Plein

Amsterdam, March 2020

Last week I had an interview with the celebrity fashion designer Philipp Plein. He was in Amsterdam for the launch of his new fragrance No Limit$. I overwhelmed him with my new  YVRA 1965. He loved the quality of the scent and was obviously jealous of our packaging. 

Philipp Plein + YVRA

Plein immediately smelled the hearty notes of pink pepper. The story of Rubirosa and his nickname the peppermill were greatly appreciated. The sentence on the box: "Keep out of reach of spoiled children.”  was shown immediately to his young girlfriend.

Pleins fragrance No Limit$ is in the form of a black credit card and plays with ingredients such as black pepper, agarwood and leather. All this leads to a powerful creation. Almost as strong as my own long-lasting YVRA 1965 that effortlessly lingers around you during many long hours in a nightclub.

Keep you all posted,
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