From Russia with Love

Dear Friends,

The world of niche perfumes is a battlefield where new brands constantly fight each other. It may sound a bit dramatic, but it also has something challenging. You have to be very motivated to get your fragrances under international attention. In my opinion, it is very important to make visits where your perfumes are sold. To my great pleasure, the YVRA fragrances are increasingly sold abroad: the US, Spain, Germany, Qatar, South Africa and they are also sold in 6 niche boutiques in Moscow!

In short, every reason to visit Moscow. I was surprised by all the glamour in the city. No simple sandwiches during lunch, but tables where the caviar is served in silver bowls. And nowhere are the female heels higher than in some Moscow restaurants which are located on a higher level than the top of the Eiffel tower.

russia yvra

It was nice to discover that my perfumes are so appreciated in Moscow. I owe that mainly to a fantastic reception for a presentation at the Restaurant Tifliss yard and Cigar lounge club.
I was photographed with countless beautiful female influencers and with lots of interested male bloggers.

During the presentation, I felt for a while like a perfume rockstar. I owed this great welcome to my Russian distributor the Exility Group with the very enthusiastic Alla Sazanova. She brought me into contact with all the boutiques where YVRA is for sale. My visit was made extra special by my stay at the  Four Seasons Hotel on the red square with a fantastic Spa and I was lucky enough to end up in many glamorous restaurants such as Beluga and White Rabbit where I discovered a Rubirosa worthy pepper mill.

Yvo in Russia

And of course, I also did what the regular tourist would do and I ended up in the metro where I walked past the bronze dogs where according to good Russian custom you give a pat on the nose to be allowed to make a wish. So I patted that nose and expressed the wish to return to Moscow for new presentations in even more stores!



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