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Many of you will have missed in recent months worldly delights such as concerts, shopping or the visit to restaurants. The nice thing about that lack is that you tend to think back to the best experiences you had before restaurants turned to a lockdown.

In the past, I have written about both the most spoiled restaurants as the simplest places where you can still find your culinary salvation. And just like with perfumes, good food is always about the right ingredients and the right proportions. For this occasion, I would like to connect 3 of my most appreciated experiences of the past months. And just because I’m obsessed with fragrances, I would like to make a connection with my own fragrances as well.


For a long time, my favourite dessert was the crostata di frutto di bosco at the Florentine Trattoria Cammillo, but when I got a dessert of a crispy lemon from Menton with white peach and verbena in Paris at Epicure my preference changed. I was taken straight away into culinary ecstasy… Perfectly dosed, fresh and sparkling. A delicate freshness that I also strived for in my first fragrance YVRA 1958. Do not hesitate in buying this one, the 25% off deal ends on the 5th of September!


I discovered an amazing wine list by Margot Los in Amsterdam at Café Parlotte. Take the two Chablis houses of Raveneau and Dauvissat alone, which are extremely delicate with the use of wood. For me it’s also essential in perfumery. The trend of heavy Oud scents is not for me, the delicate scent of cedar wood or the slightly resin-scented Guaiac wood applied in YVRA 1979 are much more refined. 


My most simple, but tastiest pasta I had in Rome at Roscioli Salumeria con Cucina. It is a very well-supplied delicatessen shop, where you can also eat delicious food. I love their Pasta Cacio e Pepe. A super simple, but tasty sauce with ingredients such as pepper, pecorino and parmigiano, and essentially the water in which the pasta is cooked. This pasta is all about the right preparation and proportions. Just like my fragrance YVRA 1965, which contains a lot of red pepper, you also have to be careful with this dish that you dose it perfectly.

It is a good prospect that these locations will be open again these days and let's hope that this situation will hold up this fall. A life without sensory perception in which smell and taste have to be quarantined will hit hard...

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