A wise man knows cologne is the most powerful weapon in the fight for female attention

Dear friends,

These uncertain times will probably not be dominated by new purchases of glamorous things in the world of fashion, lifestyle and new perfumes. But sometimes scents can also help to cheer you up. A perfume can bring your thoughts back to carefree moments and evoke pleasant memories.

In recent months, I have been busy with my new fragrance YVRA 1965 that honours the playboy life of Porfirio Rubirosa. Now that life seems to have stopped for the time being. Sunny fantasies of Saint Tropez, Portofino and St. Barths are suddenly far away.





Maybe I sound a bit gloomy, but as mentioned scents can cheer you up. When I smell YVRA 1979, I immediately feel comfortable, cheerful and relaxed. The fragrance is my happy reflection of the year 1979 when I lived in Florence. The year 1979 brings together in a bottle the memory of that special year. Many positive things came together: an eye for elegance and the appreciation and interest for high-quality raw materials that are crucial for an intriguing perfume.

It’s a nice statement that also applies in reverse. Because the special thing about YVRA 1979 is that it is highly valued by women as well. We often hear about women who smell the scent on the cheeks of a man and then decide to buy a bottle for themselves! As a perfume maker, it’s so nice to discover that your creation pleases the noses of both sexes.



A good perfume starts with the use of the right ingredients. YVRA 1979 is made up of a number of high-quality and carefully selected ingredients such as Gaïac wood from Paraguay, Cardamom from Indonesia and other exotic woods. This powerful seducer makes that 'je ne sais quoi' difference with so many other fragrances. Who knows, maybe YVRA 1979 could also be a good way for you these days to muse about better times

Take care the coming weeks and many thanks,





YVRA 1979 L’Essence de Présence is Yvo's dreamy reflection of the year 1979 when he lived in Florence. A year in which everything came together: a love affair, an eye for elegance and the appreciation for high-quality raw materials that are indispensable for a perfect perfume as for a good dish.

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