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Yvo is convinced that creating perfumes is an art and a very special craft which needs affection, dedication and good taste.

He only produces highly concentrated formulas (20%-25%) with the finest ingredients. Every perfume is made with a lot of effort and extensive expertise.

Over the past decade, the YVRA brand has developed into an internationally appreciated brand with 5 exclusive fragrances. From sophisticated fresh to aromatic, spicy to sultry and tempestuous.

New direction and fragrance

As a journalist you learn to tell stories. Every fragrance released by YVRA has its own story. However, it turns out to be difficult to put these complex storylines into practice. With that in mind, we at YVRA sat down at the drawing board to streamline and simplify our message.

We have stayed true to our successful fragrances, but the bottle and packaging have undergone a complete facelift. Timeless, uniform and innovative.

The arrival of our latest unisex creation YVRA24 l’Essence de Ravissence is the stepping stone to a new identity. Younger, modern and more accessible.



There is always something new to discover with YVRA.