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YVRA 1979 Travel Set 2x8ml

Three stars

Scents are oké. I expected more but they are not bad. Maybe in the future i will order a bottle.


relly nice sents

Super Duft

Ganz besonders und einzigartig

Almost 1 out of 3

Not my cup of tea..
Blue is the worst realy.
Yelow is just awfull
Brown is the only one which is not awful.

L'Essence de Présence 100ml
Jean Peter Getzkow
In love

Tested it first as travel-pack. After wearing it a few times i got me the full bottle. A modern unique scent. Absolutely no mainstream. A Little luxury and exclusive. Very lovely composition. Highly recommended :)

Love the scent. Please stop the advertising makes


Orderwd multiple products and really like them. However, the amount of promotional e-mails, promo codes and remarketing ads make the brand seem cheap. Similar to other cheap Tellsell type of products on Instagram.

You can do better.

to heavy for me

The yellow is oke for daily use, but the other 2 are not for my taste

L'Essence de L'Essence 100ml
oliver schöneberg
Just great

very,very good

YVRA 1965 Travel Set 2x8ml

Love it So sophisticated

It’s not often that you find something that has the refinements in the sophistication Like this fragrance the depth and the absolute luxury it’s exudes is second to none. if you’re looking for something unique and outstanding to give you your own style this is the way to go.

Nicht gut , das Geld nicht wert

Die Düfte verfliegen schnell, nicht mein Geschmack. Wer auf der Suche nach wirklich Authentisches ist,lässt seinen persönlichen Duft auf seinen Hauttyp zuordnen. Bei mir ist es Grey Flanell von Goffrey Beene

Perfect men's fragrance

Perfect men's fragrance. The fragrance is a dreamy reflection of the year 1979 smells earthy, spicy, woody, camphor-like, wet earth and green leaves. You can also detect slightly leathery and even sweet notes. It has a dark character and brings depth and sensuality to perfumes.
Top: Lemon, Black Pepper
Heart: Patchouli and Cedar all, patchouli gives a perfume a soothing and luxurious touch.
Base: Amber, Moss and Musk.

In his second fragrance, the heavier timbre of woody and aromatic ingredients evokes a very different mood.

Message in a bottle.

It's always best to smell the best you can and your car should be no different. Go on pamper it. It looks after you. You should look after it. It cleans the windscreen as good as the best windscreen cleaners i have used in the past and its great to smell that lovely scent from it as you use it, which most likely you had forgotten that you had put it in your windscreen reservoir bottle. Its a lovely surprise. It's a lovely aroma. Go on spoil yourself. Life is to short. You dererve it.

#yvra1958 #meineabsoluteempfehlung ***** ♥

Genau der Duft, welchen ich schon über 40 Jahre als Basis suche. :)

love the aromas

nice fragrance

Mijn favoriete geur

Dit is echt mijn favoriete geur van Yvra

Geiler Stuff

Gefällt mir gut.


Classic Summer

Vroem Vroem !

Excellent Service! Thank you.


When arrived the big bottle!!👌🏻

Such a beautiful perfumes! Perfect sizes for a trip around the world!

I‘ve testet 1965,1958 and 1979 …..

It‘s a difficult dicision, but I !!!! like the taste of 1965

Perfect for every occasion

With these 3 fragrances you’re set up for all occasions!