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L'Essence de L'Automobile

€39.50 - Screenwash

Yvo van Regteren Altena's ambitions to make the world smell better recently culminated in the debut of the world’s very first exclusive, eco-friendly, scented screenwash for spoiled drivers only.

L'Essence de L'Automobile is a perfumed screenwash which will give spoiled drivers a brief but very delicate sensation of an ultra-fresh summer breeze in their car.

Millions of liters of chemical windscreen washer fluid flow over our high ways every year. YVRA 1958 gives the ecological answer with both an eco-friendly and delicious smelling wiper fluid.

Weary of screenwashes that are crammed with a harsh synthetic smell, Van Regteren Altena developed an ideal alternative. L’Essence de l’Automobile. A luxurious screenwash that won’t assault your senses with chemical scents, but invigorates your four-wheeler with the delicate, spring breeze freshness of YVRA 1958.

The screenwash comes with an eye-catching 2500 ml jerrycan with the words: L’Essence de l’Automobile. If you love your car, only the best is good enough.

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